Saturday, July 2, 2016

Mundulla show ontinued 2016

Mundulla Show cont.
Accompanying this story is a photo of Matt Rowett and his brilliant HQ Holden Monaro, Matt’s standing with his four children. This photo is pertinent because at the club meeting prior to the Show it was raised that modified  vehicles should be allowed in the club. As the debate on this began to flourish among the members present it was raised by a senior long term committee man that modified vehicle were already allowed in the club, had been accepted into the club previously and that what seems to have happened over the last few years is that everyone has become so obsessed with Historic Conditional Registration and with these vehicle having to be bog stock standard, that people have forgotten that modified vehicles are still legal in SA, are allowed on our roads and are not in any way banned or even discouraged in our Constitution; they simply cannot get  Conditional Rego.      This discussion on the night of the meeting arose because Matt was at the meeting and was keen to join in with a group of like minded automobile enthusiasts and to bring his family with us on picnics and runs and outings and all manner of BVRC social gatherings...and isn’t that what a club is all about? Hope you’ve joined by the time this issue hits the membership Matt.

Matt Rowett and his children and his HQ Holden Monaro