Sunday, August 25, 2002

Upper South East 4 Clubs Rally 2002

The second 4 Clubs Rally was hosted by the Bordertown Vehicle Restorers Club on August 24 and 25, 2002.

This weekend included:

  • Soup and sandwiches at the Restorers Club clubrooms
  • A short tour of the Tatiara historic drive
  • A visit to the historic Clayton Farm Museum
  • Dinner at the Bordertown Motel, including entertainment and novelty events
  • Judging of cards and a 'Junk Art' competition
  • A tour of Bordertown, including visits to the Walkway Gallery, Hawke House, local parks and street art, the old gaol and the white kangaroos at the Wildlife Park
  • Lunch at the Morning Loaf Bakery
  • Presentation of trophies

Ninety-one attended, and several hundred dollars were raised for the club thanks to Jeff Creaser's donation of hand painted saws. Congratulations also to John O'Brien on his winning Junk Art (pictured above)!

Thank you for contributions by Ray Phelps and Gordon Creaser